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As professional copy editors and proven authors of documents, we

offer editing and proofreading services in English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

NECO can edit your papers, books, and reports to suit each language and its expression.

Our proofreaders and editors are highly knowledgeable and skilled, perfecting grammar, spelling, punctuation, bibliography and formatting in any compilation. We have the experience and expertise to improve your valuable text.

Overseen by our editor-in-chief and his extensive experience in editing and writing research papers and research books, we pride ourselves on helping our clients create the perfect copy.

​If you are interested, please view his Bio.


Our services are:

・Proofreading and copy editing


・Formatted according to one of the major styles

・Translation (English/French/Spanish/Japanese)

・Checking grammar and punctuation

Plagiarism checks (if appropriate) and suggestions for improvement

Proofreading and editing of papers, books, journals, Reports, etc.

A formal quotation will be issued after we receive your request,   so please contact us first.

* Price can be negotiated, special pricing for Higher Degree students, price may depend on the completion state of the sentence. In addition, the basic charge may change as exchange rates fluctuate

Editor & Writer Skill up Courses

If you would like to learn how to do all this yourself we have developed after many years of practice in academia, private industry and government, an intensive writing course to assist you. By taking this course you will learn the fundamentals of effective writing and editing: 

We cover what you need to achieve:

・The formal structure that is required;

・How to write clearly backed up by evidence;

・The best ways to make policy recommendations; 

・How to avoid bad writing;

・How to create connections with your readers;

・Specific writing styles for the web, journal editors, academic publications, and management; and

・How to edit effectively and accurately

We also cater for companies and institutions who want to train their employees to write, proofread or format documents in Japanese, French and English, other languages will follow. After completing our course, you will be able to:

・Write or proofread any business, creative, or academic document to a professional standard;

・Edit documents for tone, flow, readability, and style;

・Use major referencing styles correctly;

・Make the most of software assistance.

Writing and editing skills course (a total of 10 modules make up the course, though these may be taken one by one depending on your needs)

1 lecture (50 minutes) $60


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